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Friday, July 19, 2024

Joe Biden, Donald Trump to get ‘high-tech’ mic for first presidential debate

Ahead of the first presidential debate between US President Joe Biden and Republican pick Donald Trump on Friday, CNN – the host of the event – has installed ‘high-tech’ microphones for both leaders.

Ahead of the crucial presidential debate between US President Joe Biden and Republican candidate Donald Trump on Friday, CNN has formulated several rules, which the network said both the leaders and their campaigns have agreed to. A video shared on social media showed how ‘high-tech’ microphones have been put in place to aid Biden, 81, and Trump, 78, during their debate.

These microphones have green lights, which means when they are illuminated, the candidate will know they are audible and vice versa. If the microphone of a candidate is off, but he still tries to talk or interrupt the opponent who is speaking, his voice won’t be audible to the viewers watching them on the television.

Explaining the microphone rules, CNN anchors Phil Mattingly and Victor Blackwell said that by agreeing to the presidential debate, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump and their respective campaigns have agreed to abide by the rules.

The microphone is among a string of parameters that the network has set and received consent of both Biden and Trump ahead of Friday’s blockbuster face off. The rules and format of the debate was outlined in letters by CNN and sent to the leaders’ respective campaigns in May, the network said.


The 90-minute debate, to be hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash in Atlanta, will mark the first in-person showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

According to the rules as laid down by CNN, the debate will include two commercial breaks, and the leaders’ campaign staff may not interact with them during the 90 minutes. Additionally, both Biden and Trump have agreed to appear at a uniform podium, and their positions on it would be determined by a coin toss.

Microphones will remain muted throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak. Also, no props or pre-written notes will be permitted on the stage. Both leaders will be provided with a pen, a pad of paper, and a bottle of water.


The ‘high-tech’ microphones may help Biden and Trump, whose age is in focus in the forthcoming US presidential elections.

Trump is prone to making bizarre statements and mangling his sentences on the campaign trail, while Biden has been under scrutiny for his frequent gaffes and sometimes confused, mumbled public remarks.

It is to be seen how the leaders accept the spontaneity and tackle the debate. It is especially important for Joe Biden, who needs to show the American audience that he is ready to handle the challenges of another four-year term, even though he has been incessantly attacked by opposition leaders, including Trump, showing him weak and clueless.


A recent Reuters-Ipsos poll showed that mental fitness is one of the primary issues for undecided voters ahead of the November 5 election, and they are more worried about Biden.

Another Reuters-Ipsos poll this year indicated that 78 per cent of respondents, including 71 per cent of Democrats, thought Joe Biden was too old to work in government. Some 53 per cent said the same of Donald Trump.

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