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Saturday, July 13, 2024

India has given ‘Buddha’ to world, not ‘Yudh’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to New Delhi on Thursday morning after his three-day visit to Russia and Austria.

In Short

  • PM Modi stresses for global peace in Vienna
  • Says India’s contribution to the world was ‘Buddha’ not ‘Yudh’
  • Highlights India’s aspirations for global leadership

Emphasising India’s longstanding commitment to global peace and prosperity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the Indian diaspora in Vienna, stated that India has given ‘Buddha’ to the world, not ‘Yudh’ (war).

PM Modi highlighted India’s aspirations for global leadership in the 21st century, asserting that the country is working towards being the “best, the brightest, achieving the biggest, and reaching the highest milestones”.

“For thousands of years, we have been sharing our knowledge and expertise. We didn’t give ‘Yudha’ (war), we gave the world ‘Buddha’. India always gave peace and prosperity, and therefore India is going to strengthen its role in the 21st century,” PM Modi said in Vienna on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister made these remarks in Australia during his two-nation tour, which also included Russia. In Moscow, he highlighted the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war during talks with President Vladimir Putin.

PM Modi’s visit to Austria was the first by an Indian Prime Minister in 41 years. He referred to the visit as a “meaningful” one and said, “This long wait has come to an end on a historic occasion. India and Austria are celebrating 75 years of their friendship”.

“India and Austria are geographically on two different ends, but we have many similarities. Democracy connects both the countries. Our shared values are liberty, equality, pluralism, and respect for the rule of law. Our societies are multicultural and multilingual. Both countries celebrate diversity, and a big medium to reflect these values are elections,” the Prime Minister remarked.

In his discussion with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen and Chancellor Karl Nehammer, PM Mdi discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation in several sectors, including the environment and combating climate change. He also discussed the ongoing disputes in the world, including the Ukraine conflict and the situation in West Asia, with the two leaders.

In Moscow, the discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin was focused on trade, defence, strategic cooperation. PM Modi told the Russian President that waging war is not the solution to longstanding issues.

The Prime Minister reached New Delhi on Thursday morning after the tour to Russia and Austria. 

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