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Friday, July 19, 2024

British Medic Peter Fouche, Who Saved Over 200 Lives In Ukraine, Dies On Frontline

His organization, Project Konstantin, praised his unwavering commitment to saving lives and delivering humanitarian aid.

The front-line combat medical worker, Peter Fouche, a volunteer from Britain who saved the lives of over 200 soldiers in Ukraine, has died, according to the BBC.

Since 2022, Fouche, who hails from Fulham and formerly worked in west London as a taxi driver and carpenter, has been assisting the Ukrainian Army in Donbas. After taking his oath, he formally enlisted in the Ukrainian military in January 2024 as a medic, as per the news report.

His daughter Nicole, who is fifteen years old, was left behind when the news of his death was verified earlier today. The ‘hero’ Fouche, whose ‘legacy of bravery and compassion’ will never be forgotten, has received an overwhelming amount of tribute.

In a statement on social media his organisation Project Konstantin said: “There are no words that can do Pete’s life justice. No words or phrases that could ever encapsulate how much he meant to all of us. Pete’s unwavering dedication, endless compassion, and relentless commitment to Ukraine and her people have left an everlasting impact on the countless lives he touched.”

“His heroism knew no bounds. He was actively involved in saving more than 200 wounded Ukrainian soldiers, evacuating civilians from the most dangerous frontline cities, as well as bringing humanitarian aid to people in those towns and cities. Pete’s bravery and selflessness in the face of danger were nothing short of extraordinary, and his actions will forever be etched in our hearts.”

The organisation, which was founded in 2022, provides vehicles, drones, uniforms and food to soldiers in Ukraine.

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