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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Amid Cancer Battle, Buckingham Palace Releases New Portrait Of King Charles

King Charles is adorned in the Field Marshal’s uniform, the highest rank in the British Army.

A new portrait of King Charles in military attire has been unveiled in honour of Armed Forces Day. The photograph, captured in Windsor Castle’s Grand Corridor, depicts the monarch seated in his Field Marshal’s ceremonial dress adorned with medals, sword, and decorations.

The release of this image coincides with Queen Camilla’s tribute to armed forces members, whom she described in a video message as a source of inspiration, reassurance, and pride.

Armed Forces Day, observed on the final Saturday in June, pays homage to veterans, military personnel, and service families, a tradition established in the UK in the late 2000s, BBC reported. 

Photographed last November by Hugo Burnand, known for his royal photography including the King’s 2023 coronation portraits, King Charles is adorned in the Field Marshal’s uniform, the highest rank in the British Army. As monarch, he serves as ceremonial head of the armed forces.

During his recent attendance at D-Day commemorations in Normandy, France, King Charles donned a tan version of the Field Marshal’s uniform.

In her video message from Clarence House, Queen Camilla praised the ‘incredible bravery’ of military personnel who initiated Europe’s liberation from Nazi Germany in 1944.

She said that 80 years on, the “same spirit and those same qualities remain much in evidence throughout our Armed Forces”, who “undertake your duties in the face of a multitude of challenges and dangers”.

The Queen added: “In so doing, you not only protect these Isles, but also defend liberties way beyond these shores.

“Your determination, unrelenting efforts and selfless loyalty to each other and to the United Kingdom are as enduring as our gratitude.”

The patron of the British Forces Broadcasting Service charity, responsible for the video, extended gratitude to the families of servicemen and women who maintain home life while their loved ones serve abroad.

Reflecting on her father Major Bruce Shand’s service in North Africa and Dunkirk during World War Two, where he earned the Military Cross, the Queen remarked, ‘As the daughter of an Army officer, I understand the profound impact military life has on families. You too are heroes.'”

“In times of war and in times of peace, whether seen or unseen, our armed forces support and strengthen our nation. You are a source of inspiration, reassurance and pride – and I salute you all.”

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